Redefining MedTech Commerce

with Applicable Intelligence

Problem & Opportunity

Crossing the chasm from early adopters to early majority, aka “the death valley”, is a long and risky path for every medtech company with a valid claim and certification. 26% of start-up’s (28% of funded start-up’s) fail based on an invalid business model.

Most of the medtech companies are SMEs with scarce resources to reach the markets. They have a limited runway to succeed, both in funding and time. It is crucial for them to reach the Right markets, with the Right commercial partners, Fast.

MedTech companies employ a high number of people and hold innovation that is highly needed by patients in wide and distant markets.
There are countless distribution companies (for exmaple, over 13,000 in China alone).

It is a hard, risky and expensive journey for them to find each other. It is an underserved task to manage systematically and intelligently the trading relationships. Time, money, CO2 footprint, matching inaccuracy and cost to serve need to be MINIMIZED.

The Solution

Alpha Innomed paves the way of finding each other and nurtures the commercial relationships with an intelligent platform - Zorion.

A Targeted Selection of manufacturers and distributors

A facilitation of the Trading Flow

A Balanced and Intelligent Business monitoring

Core Team

Dr. Joaquin Azpilicueta
Chief Executive Officer

Cardiologist, executive, business value builder through solid human relationships

Dr. Dennis Jiang

Chief Experience Officer

Gen Y game changer with extensive knowledge and managerial experiences in medtech industry

Dr. Walther Schulze
Chief Technology Officer

Lead of medtech algorithms, product development and ISO process design with worldwide footprints 

Mr. Cheng Qian
General Manager China

Expert in product definition, market access and customer relationship management of Chinese market 

Global Presence

Why Choose Us

Your Challenges

Alpha Innomed deeply understands the burdens in medtech commerce from various perspectives

Our Solution

Zorion B2B platform helps you find the best fit in partnership and greatly reduces trading complexity

Your Outcome

MedTech manufacturer, distributor and customer all benefit from the intelligent digital platform

Alpha Innomed

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